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Suku Dass Suku Dass: Suku Dass is the Chief Architect of SukuDass Architects, Kochi, Kerala, a firm responsible for some of the major landmarks in the state since its establishment in 1998. In the year 2003, he co-founded Design & People with the slogan — 'Design For People In Need'. Today Design & People is a global network of graphic and industrial designers, writers and architectural designers working towards social and humanitarian projects in India. His architectural contributions have been featured in various magazines and television programmes. Suku Dass heads the architectural section of Design & People, an organisation he co-founded.

Suku Dass is a Campaigner with Friends of Tibet, a Tibet Support Group and one of the Founding Members of Friends of Tibet Foundation for the Wellbeing, a philanthropic initiative by Friends of Tibet, a non-profit organisation founded in 1999 to support the cause of Tibet and to create awareness about the issue of Tibet amongst people all over the world. Suku Dass is also one of the Managing Trustees of 'Centre for Social & Political Art' India's first institution dedicated for social and political art, a joint venture between Design & People and Sylviander Museum.

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The Artro: Howto Laurie Baker — Poetry In Mud: With the passing away of Laurie Baker in 2007, Indian architecture has lost its breath of fresh air in a man who single-handedly gave Indian architecture and low-cost construction a new approach, a new meaning, a new dimension. Suku Dass of Design & People caught up with Laurie Baker in June 2006. Excerpts from the interview.


Items on Design & People (May 2006)
'Designs For A Better World'
Dutch design magazine 'items' on Design & People and the people behind the unusual network of designers and architects in its story — 'Designs For A Better World'.
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Outlook on Design & People (Jan 2005)
'The Visual Metaphor Of Dissent'
Popular Indian Weekly 'Outlook' features Design & People in 'Making a Difference', a profile of people who work under wraps, beyond the laudatory limelight.

Architect & Interiors on Design & People (Sept 2009)
'Designers With A Cause'
Maria Louis, Editor of 'Architect & Interiors' magazine interviews Sethu Das and Suku Dass — Co-founders of Design & People.


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